Roller Garage Door Repair Melbourne for Misaligned Sensors

Roller Garage Door Repair Melbourne for Misaligned Sensors

Roller garage door repair Melbourne is a significant security feature for your home or commercial property with its robust design and motor operated design. This benefits overall security level and it is immune to extreme hot and cold weather optimizing the insulation indoors. It offers smooth operation with opening and closing through one click of button. There is choice between manual and automatic shutters for your garage doors. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the smooth working of the door after successful roller door installation.

The major benefits of regular maintenance include the following.

  • This increases the lifespan of the shutter as this considers the smallest details and components for smooth working.
  • With regular maintenance you can identify the problems quickly and fix them in time.
  • This ensures the proper working of all the parts minimizing any replacements soon.

Smooth working of the garage doors requires routine lubrication, inspection of hinges and nuts along with thorough surface cleaning. The frequency of servicing depends upon the shutter type. Professional servicing involves examination of the door parts, removal of control panel, checking the guide channel and motor, proper lubrication of parts, and door curtain washing. If required, they would change the springs, auto locks, nuts, and bolts to minimize roller door repairs Melbourne needs.

Still knowing about the common problems associated with the roller doors makes sense. One such problem relates to misaligned sensors and this is preventable once you have an adequate knowledge regarding automation and misalignment. Common reasons for this problem are the following.

  • Limit of door: the setting of the door limit occurs right at time of installation and this defines the closing of the door. This does not close completely when the setting is too high and too low setting makes the door bang the ground as it closes. Both the situations impede door functioning. Alignment mechanism forms the basis for the functioning of the sensor. The first thing to check in a misaligned door is the setting of travel limit so that you can do the necessary adjustments.
  • Dirty sensor: door system sensors use the alignment mechanism for its proper functioning so make sure that the path between sensors is obstacle-free. Just clearing this path may not be enough through because a clean sensor lens is just as important. Simply clean this with a proper cleaning solution and a cloth to have zero interference with signal reception from remote control.


Roller doors for the garage offer multiple benefits to the users and with routine maintenance it is possible to ensure its proper and smooth functioning for a long time. whenever problems do crop up make sure that you are not ignoring this but find garage door repair near me immediately.