Garage Door Spring Repair –Reasons for a Broken Spring

Garage Door Spring Repair –Reasons for a Broken Spring

The spring opens and closes your garage door so when this break getting the car out turns into a huge problem. It is necessary to call emergency garage door repair for such problems as they get to the root to fix the issue.

They will first consider the type of spring related to the door. This can be the following.

  • Extension system: mounted on sides to door track it extends, contracts via cable and pully system with the door in motion.
  • Torsion system: this is up to two springs tightly wound. Its location is horizontal on steel shaft with cable drums present on its ends. Mounted to header wall on the door, it often has three-pronged system for support with one central and double bearing plates on both the ends.

The spring assists the lowering and raising of the door. It gains tension upon the lowering of the door raising the door releases the tension and this spring assists the lift. In closed position the spring has the maximum tension, so the breakage often occurs in this position as well so that you need immediate garage door spring repair. Broken spring causes the door to crash so the professionals caution against walking under operating doors.

Spring functions for your garage door

The location of the spring is evident along top part of door inside the garage and this connects to the cables. These winds upon the activation of the door opener and the operation of the cables depends upon the opening system present. The spring is critical to functioning of the door as with the turning of the cable there is increased tension upon the spring and this pulls up the door. It does not operate properly when there is damage to the spring. It opens incorrectly or not at all.

Identification of worn out or damaged springs

  • Balance issues: improper opening and closing of the garage door indicates this problem when some movement is still present. Garage door repairs Western Suburbs Melbourne services will deal with the issue and offer proper remedy. You have an imbalanced door when it moves slowly up or down the track or falls after lifting several inches. Presence of excessive noise is another indication of the problem present.
  • Squeaking noises: with overtime uses the worn-out springs of the door might squeak so while some noises are common, presence of a loud squeak that was not there before is cause for concern.


DIY solutions for garage door repairs Melbourne Eastern Suburbs may not be a good solution since it often does bad than good. The better idea is to call on professionals to delve into the issue as they have the required experience and expertise that keeps your garage door working like new.