Why You Need a Timely Garage Door Cable Replacement?

Why You Need a Timely Garage Door Cable Replacement

Why You Need a Timely Garage Door Cable Replacement?

Cable is a power piece of the door opening and closing mechanism that ensures its smooth operation. If the problem with the door cable is left unattended it leads to injuries, damage and theft. Hence, call immediately 24-hour garage door repair services to fix it quickly.

Different types of door cables in use

Doors can have different types of cables installed based on the spring system. Some common types are as follows.

  • Torsion: Such cables remain locked at one part while stopping at the other end as there is a cable for securing this.
  • Safety cables: Prevent injury or damage by installing safety cables with the extension springs.
  • Extension: It runs along the door on either side, and requires an extended cable for its functioning.

Prevent car damage and personal injury

Garage door is a heavy object that operates on a pulley system supported by cables. Hence, a faulty cable can easily break; leading to the door suddenly closing. Further, a crashing door can cause severe damage to the vehicle when parked at the wrong place, not completely inside or outside the garage.

Garage door works on a complex mechanism with multiple functioning components like springs and cables to facilitate a seamless operation. Trying to fix or replace the old or worn out cables as a DIY project can lead to major injuries. Hence, leave the repair and maintenance of cables to the garage door cable replacement services professionals.

Common problems with door cable

      • Incorrect winding of cables around the drum. Jammed garage door is a common problem and you can identify this when it droops to a side.
      • Unwound door cables is a result of poor installation of new cables.
      • Worn out pulleys requires immediate replacement to prevent injuries to humans and pets and theft on the vehicle.
      • Normal wear and tear lead to faulty door. Professionals replace the old and worn out cables with brand new ones.
      • Frayed cables define the door cable in the form of smaller cables that forms a rope like structure. In time, just like the regular ropes gets frayed so does the cables.

Garage door automation makes the operations easy but make sure that the related cables are in a good shape to ensure a seamless operational mechanism.


Faulty cables can easily injure your family and pets, and can damage your vehicle. Hence, replace the cables immediately for assured safety and smooth operation. Get professionals to check for malfunctions and get garage door cable replacement done. Ensure their services are backed by a guarantee or a warranty.