Reasons for Garage Door Cable Replacement

Reasons for Garage Door Cable Replacement

Garage doors have complex mechanisms with multiple functioning components essential to its seamless movement. Springs and cables facilitate the opening and closing of the door in controlled manner. Springs undergo high degree of tension so it might cause slamming down of the door causing injury to people and damaging objects. The function of the cable is to catch the door in case of a broken spring. Garage door cable replacement is necessary when there is wear and tear or any damage.

Common cable types based upon the spring system used

  • Torsion springs: such cables lock on one end, stopping at the other. It is necessary to secure this spring with cables. Broken cable stops the unwinding of the spring.
  • Safety cables: the installation of safety cables to the extension springs prevents any injury or damage. Attached to wall near stationary pulleys or the door track this wind through the door springs connect to same support as the spring. Broken safety cables signify that now there is nothing to stop slamming of the spring into a person or object. The 24-hour garage door repair services handle the issue.
  • Extension springs: this runs along door on either side and because of their length it requires spring cables extensions. Closing of the door stretches the spring and opening this leads to extended spring lifting the door. Broken cable does not let extended spring to pull back in place and prevents the opening of the door.

Common issues with door cables are the following.

  • Incorrect winding of the cable around drum lead to jamming of the door. Identify this problem by the drooping of the door to a side.
  • Unwinding of door cables: when this happen,it is necessary to replace this with brand new cables as part of garage door repair.
  • Worn out pulleys: it is not possible to repair the pulleys worn out because once damaged it goes bad repeatedly.
  • Normal wear and tear: there might be breakage of the cables over time due to regular use and this causes problems. Broken cables signify non-operative garage doors so the professionals remove old cables to implement new ones to restore the functioning.
  • Cable fraying: this refers to a common issue with the door cables because each one consists of multiple small cables wound as rope. This means jus like rope there is going to be over time fraying and damage leading to various issues.


Garage door repair Melbourne requirements might crop up due to a variety of reasons and one of these relates to cable issues. The professionals decide whether replacement is necessary and install new cables that fit the current door. This restores the mechanism of spring and cable to ensure the controlled opening and closing of the door.

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