Garage Door Melbourne

Garage Door Melbourne

4 Types of Garage Doors You Must Know About

Installing Garage doors is a very important measure that you should take if you want to save your precious cars from all the dust, water, sunlight, and most importantly from thieves.
Previously, garage doors were used as a necessity but over the years, this industry has grown tremendously providing high-tech doors to users.
These companies now provide different types of garage doors according to the need and budget of the buyer.
So, if you are looking for a
garage door Melbourne,
then you can check which type of door will fit your home.

1. Sliding Garage doors

These Garage doors are good for residential purposes. Here, the door slides to the sides and rests parallel to the wall. It saves a lot of space and provides a very elegant look but these doors are not automatic.
The sliding garage door works on trolley wheels for easy movement and if you install it from a good company, then they will also provide you with a
Garage door repairs western suburbs Melbourne.

2. Tilt-up Garage door

This type of garage door Melbourne opens parallel to the ground and doesn’t contain any sections on the door. It can be used for both residential and commercial purposes.
The door is fully automatic and you get an automatic garage door repair if you face any problem.
Tilt-up doors can be costly but they are very stiff and possess high quality. If you want to get a strong and stylish garage door for your house or office then tilt-up doors will be the best.

3. Side-hinged garage door

It is a traditional type of garage door that is still widely used. These garage doors open like a normal door. So, if you are looking for something sober and efficient, this can be the right option.
Side-hinged garage doors are not automatic but good companies do provide Garage door repairs western suburbs Melbourne. So, if you have problems with the door, you can directly call them and get it fixed.

4. Roll-up Garage Doors

These types of garage door Melbourne are mostly used for commercial purposes to make the garage look classier. As the name suggests these doors roll up into the ceiling and it is divided into horizontal lines, which helps in the rolling process.
These doors are fully automatic and are very strong as compared to other designs. The installer company also provides automatic garage door repair, if you have any problem in the future.


These were a few types of garage doors that can be used both for residential and commercial purposes.
Thus, you can choose the door which suits your requirement.