Garage Door Installation

Garage door installation

Garage Door Installation

Essential Maintenance Tips after Successful Garage Door Installation

If you have installed a garage door then it is your responsibility to take care of it because installation was not the difficult part maintaining it can be. A garage door can have a life of more than 50 years but if you fail in maintaining it your garage door might need a replacement even before reaching 15 years. You just need to take some measures to avoid your garage door from rotting down. Here are some tips that you need to follow after your garage door installation.

1. Observe your garage door daily

Maintaining a garage door is a daily task, you need to observe the actions of your garage door regularly. Make sure you check if your garage door is not making clunking noises or the keypad is working properly, anything which needs a repair should be taken care of.
And, if you face any problem, you can just type Garage door repair near me and you will get a list of repair shops that will help you.

2. Lubricate the joints

If you don’t use your garage door very often, there are high chances that the joints or roller of your door will get stuck. Instead of pushing it, use a lubricant to provide grease in your door.
It is not a hectic process and can be done in a few minutes but you should do this at least twice a year to avoid any such situation to arise.

3. Cable maintenance and replacement

Your garage door contains heavy cables that help in pulling the door. It is found in both manual and automatic types of garage doors.
And, if you find any strand of the cable wires is damaged, then you immediately call an expert. If the problem persists you can opt for garage door cable replacement.

4. Groom your garage door

Getting a garage door installation is very easy but you need to take care of your garage door; helping it to continue for a long period of time.
You should clean your door every weekend and look for any damages that your door might have and get it fixed as soon as possible.
If you see any issue with its spring, you can call a garage door spring repair service provider as well.


If you have invested your hard-earned money in installing a garage door then you should take full responsibility in maintaining it as well so that they can have a longer life. These were some tips that should be taken care of after your garage door installation.

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