Fixing the Off-Track Roller Garage Door

Fixing the Off-Track Roller Garage Door

Roller door repair for garage usually involves dealing with an off the track door which remains non-operational until it is repaired. Broken doors are certainly frustrating because they can trap the car inside the garage and leaves the home exposed to weather elements and security. Subsequently, seeking professional assistance is the only way out. They assess the damage of the door rollers and quickly repair it for safe use again. Additionally, they educate you on how to maintain it.

Identify an off the track garage door

After proper garage door installation, it is a good idea to examine the installation from time to time to determine if the door is off the track. An off the track door can get stuck, sit at awkward angles, or hang loose from the tracks. When such issues arise the best that you can do is not to force the opening or closing of the garage door because it can bend the tracks and cause further damage.

Reasons for damaged roller doors

The garage door Melbourne analyzes the roller door to know the reasons for its damage and thus apply accurate repair and maintenance technique to resolve the problem. Most doors have 10-12 rollers and it is easy to spot when any one of them are off the track. Visual inspection allows you to identify the problem quickly. Take adequate safety precautions before entering the garage and examining the tracks mounted on either side of the door. There are some common reasons for rollers getting off track such as;
• Damage to tracks: any damaged or bent tracks forces the rollers out of the alignment.
• Impacts and force: when the car hits the door, this sends the rollers of the track.
• Loose tracks: door vibration might loosen bolts holding tracks in their place.
• Absence of lubrication and dirt: grime and dirt built up with no lubrication can lead to off the track rollers.

Roller door repairs Melbourne

Fixing the problem

Garage door repair involve fixing the damaged tracks and then setting rollers in their place back. Professionals secure and tighten the hardware, clean tracks with household cleaners, lubricating the metal hardware by using silicone spray. Fixing involves aligning the door by lining rollers to spot where these are off track, then locking door in place using vice grips.
Once the door is aligned, regular check and preventative maintenance is needed, if you don’t want the damage to occur again. Subsequently, check the track and rollers regularly, clear any debris stuck in the rollers, and lubricate them, regularly.


Preventive maintenance reduces garage door repair need as there is a low chance of the door coming off the track. When nothing else works professional assistance can help solve the problem. They assess the situation to offer suitable repair and maintenance service for the door to starts working again smoothly, just like brand-new.

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