Different Types of Garage Doors You Can Have Today

Different Types of Garage Doors You Can Have Today

Different Types of Garage Doors You Can Have Today

To protect your valuable cars and to keep you protected from any accidents, garage doors are necessary. Those are made of sturdy materials and come with enough longevity. If you take good care of the garage door and go for emergency garage door repair service, this part of your house will last longer. There are different types of garage doors are available. As per the size of your garage, you can choose any of those. Here are some of the types we are mentioning. Read on to know more-

  1. Sectional Garage Door

This is one of the most popular types of garage doors that users install in their houses. This garage door is also known as a panel door as it is divided into different panels and those are connected with hinges. There are wheels on each panel roll which are used to close and open the garage door sideways.

Such doors are made of steel and that’s why sturdy enough. So, it requires very low maintenance. If there are any issues, you can go for garage door repair Melbourne.

  1. Slide to the Slide Garage Doors

As the name suggests, this type of garage door opens at one side and sits parallel to the wall. Such type of garage door is one of the traditional ones and is perfect for garages that have little headroom.

Such type of garage door doesn’t require any balancing spring as it has a built-in retractable motor for automatic operations.

  1. Roll-up Garage Door

If your garage has limited ceiling space, this is the garage door that you need to install in your house. You will find a roller door installation service that will help you to install this door that rolls around a drum above the garage. These doors are made of steel slats or aluminium slats.

The roller often gets jammed due to rust, dirt, corrosion, etc. So, calling a roller door repairs Melbourne will be the right decision. As it is made of heavy-duty materials, the installation cost is higher than the sectional doors.

  1. Side-hinged Garage Door

This is one of the most traditional garage doors you can install in your house. It opens and closes on either side of the wall. Such doors are made of wood and these are almost similar to the large barn doors. Presently, these doors are made of galvanized steel and used for commercial types of garages.

  1. Canopy Garage Doors

These are very stylish garage doors that you can install in your garage. These garage doors are made of one solid piece instead of dividing those into panels. The pivoting hinge mechanism helps in tilting up the garage door.

So, here we have discussed the different types of garage doors. To maintain such doors, you need to find 24-hour garage door repair services that can handle all types of doors perfectly.