Automatic Garage Door Repair Some Common Problems

Automatic Garage Door Repair Some Common Problems

Your garage door is among the most used exit and entrance to the home, so it is prone to regular wear and tear. This means, functional issues might originate from time to time and most of these are during winters, the time for power outages. The improper functioning of the door that requires automatic garage door repair might be due to number of reasons. The problems range from the door not opening completely to failing to open manually.

Misaligned, dirty, or blocked photo-eye software

This is often a cause because the doors from 1990s onwards have this feature with two pieces aligning face-to-face on both sides of door approximately four feet over the ground. Every time there is prompting of the door to close, there is activation of the beam for scanning underlying obstruction clearance. Detection of body part or object causes the halting of the door closure, or complete reversal of the movement. This software ensures that the door never closes upon people, pets, or objects. It responds to the presence of obstruction whether this is paper wad, pencil, or anything else that halts movement of photo eye preventing the closure of the door. Even a dirty or dusty door may not close when you desire because the laser misinterprets this as physical obstruction. Damage or saturation of photo-eye with rain or moisture is another issue and 24-hour garage door repair services handle the issue.

Misalignment issues related to photo-eyes might lead to problem of non-closing. With the interaction between the two sides, there is activation of LED lights on both the ends. For most of the garage-door systems, corresponding photo-eyes consist of a green and a red light. With misalignment of either light, the beam becomes incapable to scan the clearance. Physical pressure or fatigue might cause this issue with photo eyes.

No power to the operator

With zero power connection to the operator, there is problem with opening and closing of the garage door. Even a simple thing such as unplugged cord to the power socket leads to the problem with operation of garage door Melbourne. Serious issues as blown circuit breaker or blown fuse might cause the problem as well. Depend upon the professionals to solve the issue. A faulty outlet might be the cause so upon plugging lamp or electric tool into socket there is no power because the fault lies with the outlet.


There are different reasons behind non-working garage door and by calling the professionals identifying the problem and finding the right solutions becomes easier. Cheap garage door repair services handle the issues effectively. They use their expertise to get to the root quickly to restore the functioning of the door ensuring smooth operations.


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